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Strategic Technologies

In the spring of 1987, the father of China's strategic missile program, Qian Xuesen, told colleagues that China must steel itself for a century of sustained "intellectual warfare". His use of a military metaphor ws not a linguistic quirk, but reflected the central role of the modern state, especially in the period since the establishment of the People's Republic of China in 1949. Over the course of the Communist era, a uniquely military approach to China's development became embedded in the ideologies of the country's political leadership, in policy choices about national security and economic development, and in the organizational solutions adopted to put these policies into practice.

At Synergia, we identify gaps that exist between technologies and find opportunities to bridge them by acquiring or finding ways to build such capabilities within an enterprise. With more than four decades of expertise in research and close collaboration with some of the finest research institutions in the world, we are able to provide our clients access to strategic technologies that can be a game changer to their business.

"The impact of Strategic technologies is long term. We should develop new ideas, validate them and provide the funding to take the invention to market"

Focus Areas

  • Identifying strategic technologies that is critical for manufacturing and research & development.

  • Identifying enabling technologies by discussing with industry and the research community
  • Addressing gaps that exist and deciding on an optimum strategy acquisition vs. internal development
  • Identifying research institutions globally who can contribute towards bridging the gaps