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Life Sciences

We are a unique Indian biopharmaceutical incubator with more than three decades of experience in pharmaceutical manufacturing and marketing for both the domestic and US markets. We operate a distinctive opportunistic model of translating existing validated public domain science to marketable-patented products and have derived successful economics around it.

We extract key science, newly available in the public domain, aggregate, reformulate and repackage it to recreate valid IP and added benefit to the patient. Our pragmatic approach enables us to deliver sustainable economics by reverse engineering and retrofitting existing molecules and provide additional benefits for both the community and the patient.

Our mission is to use the systems, processes and tools of 'big pharma' to deliver quality and affordable medicine to the patient community. We operate a distinctive opportunistic model of translating existing validated public domain science to marketable products and derive successful economics around it.

We work as a catalyst and share extensive knowledge and experience of business innovation, business development and business incubation processes. We provide specific understanding of national and international good practice in knowledge transfer, business creation and growth. We have access to the world's leading experts in business engineering, innovation exploitation and entrepreneurship support.

We have a pipeline of projects that are licensed from some of the finest researchers and early stage companies in the world and will soon consider taking third party projects into our incubating process. The first incubation project, which started five years ago, achieved its targets in less than two years and the company was able to record more than 300% return.

The second project, a quinine derivative injection took us five years to develop and had a year on year return of more than 75%.

The Synergia Advantage

  • Increased speed to market + Lower risk = Lower cost.
  • Unique multidisciplinary proprietary knowledge base and global research collaborations.
  • Experience in regulated markets in formulation development and marketing.
  • Identifying and addressing unmet therapeutic needs at affordable prices