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By 2040, global energy demand is expected to grow by 30% compared to current levels. The world will have to cope with energy requirements for more than nine billion people. Keeping pace with the growth in demand for energy will require unprecedented levels of investment and the pursuit of all cost-effective and renewable sources of energy.

Solaris Synergy- Leveraging Water Surface to Generate Solar Energy.
While almost all of the world's solar energy systems are land-based, land resources in many regions worldwide are rapidly dwindling. Most of the sun's rays that can produce energy fall on water surfaces.

Recognizing the potential for harnessing "solar-on-water" Synergia Solaris has incubated a cutting-edge technology offering – a solar-on-water power plant. Based on proven, patented cooling technology, our offering converts any water surface into a cost-effective and reliable solar energy platform. The unique solution enables public and private-sector owners and operators of water resources to lower capital and maintenance costs, increase revenue, and enjoy a return on investment within a short period of time.