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Cyber Security

The complex world of information and technology is continually being transformed by mobile, social media, cloud services and big data. It is reshaping markets, business models and the way people access information. However, in addition to offering new opportunities, these large-scale technology trends are also bringing security challenges.

Today, digital security must encompass external and internal intelligence, web intelligence, human intelligence, open source intelligence, signal intelligence, supply chain security and social media. The challenge we face is that most enterprises are not equipped to handle such disproportionate threats.

With more than four decades of hands-on expertise in both traditional and non-traditional security and working closely with some of the world's finest cyber experts, we are able to provide a 360-degree understanding of threat vector, work with real time intelligence and provide proprietary tools to and corporate boards and C level executives that can effectively deter next generation threats.

Focus Areas

  • Engagement with corporate boards C level executives.
  • Monitor all activities that are related to the dark net
  • Providing comprehensive security including design to protect SWIFT, e-trading, e-banking and RTGS.
  • Providing intelligence